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CO2 systems


I'm not sure about the Carbo-Plus system, as I haven't seen it or checked it
out.  A CO2 tank setup is not too costly to get, and only costs about $20
for a refill, regardless of what size tank you have (though, if you get over
a 20# tank, it might cost more).  A tank will cost anywhere from $20-110
(from a welding supply store), low pressure regulator (from brewery supply
store) should only be about $35, and a needle valve (from Home Depot or
Lowes) is about $5.  So call it about $150 setup cost for a #20 tank and all
the fittings, etc.  This setup suggests putting the needle valve in the
tubing line, and not directly attached to the regulator.  Setup this way,
you can use it on multiple tanks by just splicing the line before the needle
valve and putting in a T and a new needle valve for the second tank.  Very
convininet.  I had a 20# tank on a 100gal aquarium, heavily planted, and had
not run out of gas after 1 1/2 years.  I had to empty it to move.  About
time for refills... It is nil.  Bring your empty tank in the same day to a
welder supply, and they swap the tank for a filled one.  Just plan on having
a tank you store behind a piece of furniture (as welding tanks usually
aren't pretty).  Pressurized gas cylinders do have potential problems, but
they aren't too bad, especially if it is placed out of the way.  Then you
just set and forget.  Check the pressure guage about once a month with a
quick visual, and you're done.

If this Carbo-Plus unit is $30 to refill, and it needs to be done more than
once a year, I'd go the CO2 tank route.  Less money in the long run, and
very easy to maintain, and one tank can feed multiple aquariums around one

Mark Pearlscott
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