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Gaets: Here is the URL for the Aquarium Club of Edmonton....
....scroll down & look for "The Workshop Weekend is Coming"
  One of the speakers @ the workshop weekend will be Rudy Kern, Canadian
distributor for Tropica of Denmark. You should be able to get all the answers
you seek & then some, if you dont mind the 2 1/2 hour drive :) 
                                                  James(Western Canada)
Gaets wrote:
  <Can anyone advise of a source (book, web-site, etc.) that can guide me
<inthe proper way of pruning and propagating plants. Just got into the <hobby
with a 10 gallon in January and my plants need some pruning (thanks <for all
the hints on the digest). I presently have the following; <Hygrophylia;Val
spirals, Bacopa, Cryptocoryne, and a Java Fern.

  Any help is appreciated
  Calgary, AB Canada

fortunejd at usa_net

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