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Re: PC's wattage 96 or 55

Gary, and all,

I'd be inclined to go with the 96w setup.  I'm running two of them over my
40 gallon reef, and have been very happy with them.  My understanding is
that the bulb life is the same, although I'd check that with AH Supply.
Less cost, same amount of light.  I'm actually seriously considering
switching from the VHOs on my plant tank to these, if that gives you any

Justin Collins

> Date: Sun, 21 Jan 2001 09:05:48 -0600
> From: "Gary Lange" <gwlange at stlnet_com>
> Subject: PC's wattage 96 or 55?
> I was going to finish the last 4 foot of my 7 foot plant tank with another
> bank of T-8's.  The combination of 8 T-8's over that section would have
> given me ~ 2.8 watts/gallon.  However I think instead I'm going to put in
> AH Supply kit and would like some feedback.  I'm still seeing spots from
> lighting demo at the AGA meeting!  I am planning on purchasing his 4 foot
> box and putting in either 4  x 55 watt bulb kit or 2 x 96 watt bulb kit.
> One bank of T-8's will still be lighting this side so I'll have from 3 to
> 3.3 w/g.  Does anyone have an opinion on which bulb system to go with?
> There are more bulbs available in 55 watt but really just 2 that I'm
> interested in for the 96 watt system 5000K & 6700K.  Which one looks
> on a planted tank?  If the bulbs last the same amount of time in the long
> run a 96 watt system will be cheaper.