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PC's wattage 96 or 55?

I was going to finish the last 4 foot of my 7 foot plant tank with another
bank of T-8's.  The combination of 8 T-8's over that section would have
given me ~ 2.8 watts/gallon.  However I think instead I'm going to put in an
AH Supply kit and would like some feedback.  I'm still seeing spots from the
lighting demo at the AGA meeting!  I am planning on purchasing his 4 foot
box and putting in either 4  x 55 watt bulb kit or 2 x 96 watt bulb kit.
One bank of T-8's will still be lighting this side so I'll have from 3 to
3.3 w/g.  Does anyone have an opinion on which bulb system to go with?
There are more bulbs available in 55 watt but really just 2 that I'm
interested in for the 96 watt system 5000K & 6700K.  Which one looks better
on a planted tank?  If the bulbs last the same amount of time in the long
run a 96 watt system will be cheaper.