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CO2 "value" question

Hi all, I'm in the thinking process of converting my 58 gallon to a planted
tank and currently my plans seem to involve a pair of 96watt PC's from
ahsupply and Flourite gravel, also I'm considering heating cables, but the
cost kind of prohibits that.  I also am going to get some CO2 system... so
with the new price on the Carbo-Plus my thinking is turning into a headache.
The carbon block says it will last 2-4 months, and at a new and improved
replacement cost of $30 it seems like it may be an option, however I heard
gas tank co2 systems are very cheap to refill and last a long time.  What do
you guys think will be a better "value" in the long run between the carbo
plus and normal gas tank co2 systems?  Also the carbo-plus seems rather fool
proof whereas the co2 gas system may leak and need near immediate refills,
is somewhat dangerous and by the sounds of it there doesn't seem to be a
unanimous decision on the most effective way to bring the co2 to a low low
pressure for the tank.  Also is it possible to hook a Carbo-Plus up to a
timer, like a light, so that it would only send out co2 in the day?

Also if you guys have any better/cheaper ideas for lighting and substrate
i'm all ears.  I'm going to have to replace my Emporer on that tank also so
any ideas on good canister filters is welcome.