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Rp.Water changes, and dying fish

Our city water comes from 2 different sources. Never know which source is
coming out of the tap. One is great, the other will kill my fish even after
treating with Tap water conditioner and Aqua plus. The chlorine smell is so
strong it burns to breathe the air with the water turned on hard. My water
is very soft. I had to buy some empty 5 gallon water jugs (at Walmart). I
fill these with tap water from the hose, treat the water, and then run an
airstone in the jug for at least 12 hours. Then it is ok to put in with the
fish. Treating the water for the chlorine/chloramine for me is not enough. I
don't think the water has any oxygen in it and that kills the fish.
Untreated tap water right now, even in a small qty, poured directly into a
tank will kill the fish in 2-3 minutes. I keep killies, so mostly I have 2-5
gallon tanks. I do water changes with a small cup and killed a batch of fry
last week because I forgot to smell the jug to be sure there wasn't any
chlorine smell left. So try putting an airstone in the water for a while
before adding to your tanks.
David Ramsey
Lawrenceville, GA