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Plecos for planted tanks


Ancistrus (sp?) Plecos are nice (also known as bristle-nose plecos).  Mine
never got over 8", though I only had it for two years (before I had to give
it away because I moved out of state).  It might have grown a little larger
over more time.  Zebra plecos are very small, as are clown plecos (though
someone mentioned them eating swords... never happened to me).  An alternate
choice is to use Ottos.  Very nice small guys, but mixed results for algae
cleaning.  Also, you could use SAEs, though they tend to prefer flake or
frozen foods to algae.  Then you could use Mollys, platys, or barbs for
hair-like algae.  Lastly, and my favorite... get whatever kind you like and
actually balance the nutrients in your tank with the plants to eliminate
most/all visible algae.

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