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Hello All & RE: Needle valves for CO2

Hello All,

I haven't been on this list in a while (probably 3 years now), but it seems
many of the discussions are the same (though I didn't see one on
kitty-litter substrate... ha ha).  It's nice to see some of the same people
are still here, so hello again to all of you.

Regarding CO2 needle valves, (this might have been stated, as I haven't
checked out all the posts lately) you can pick up some nice cheap ($5.00)
valves at Home Depot in their specialty plumbing section.  They might take a
little more time to set-up (ie. get adjusted), but once set it is never
touched again.  It's worth saving anywhere from $5.00-$30.00 in my opinion.

Mark Pearlscott
Junior Software Engineer
Web Application Development
IS Dept. @ Mosler Inc.
(513) 870-1553