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Re: light bulb and tannins

> > From: "Scott D. Goett" <sdgoett at ufl_edu>
> >
> > I tried asking these questions before but go no response, so I thought
> > I would try again..
> > I have 2 questions.  One is about those twisty fluorescent bulbs that
> > are said to have the brightness of a 75 watt buld but only use 20
> > watts.  My question is when you are calculation the watts per gallon,
> > which number do you use?  Are those bad bulbs to use?
From: zxcvbob <bob at a51web_net>
>You use the "20 watts" number, but you should discount it considerably
>(25 percent?) because the manufacturers' numbers are overly
>optimistic, and to account for the energy wasted by the intregrated
>ballasts. .....................

Scott, they mean brightness 75watt of Incandescent light bulb while it uses 
only 20watts. It's only to compare. So you use the 20watt number.
Bob, you don't have to discount anything. Number of Watts has nothing to do 
with output of the light bulb.
It is like this : P = U x I ( P= V x I in Canada ), Power = Voltage x Current

sure i might be wrong  :-)