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Re: VHO Lights & T.V.

Before you try rewiring your lighting system a very simple solution may work.  I
have seen this work in the past.  If your systems(VHO lights and/or TV) have a
non-polorized(both blades of equal width) power plugs, try removing the plug
from the receptacle and reversing it before reinstalling.  Try with one system
at a time until all three have been reversed.  This solution may work, doesn't
cost anything except a few minutes of time.


Ron Dubbs

>Question I have two 48" VHO lites in my tank which is approx 6 feet from our
>t.v., the tank is 60 gallons and has a lite canopy and sits on top of bar in
>our family room, I am getting snow reception on 2 of our tv channels.  Moving
>the tank is not a possiblity, using a filter on the tv that it plugs into the
>wall hasn't helped, tryed plugging the lites in a distant outlet doesn't work.
>Does anyone have any suggestions how to rid the snow from my tv?  Right >now
only alternative is to shut the lites off while watching those channels.