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plecostomus choice for planted tank

Hi everyone,
I have been thinkng about adding a plec-type fish to my 125 gallon. My 
experience with these guys is little-none. There is wood to rasp. My concern 
is that I don't want to put anything in that will get too large. I'd like to 
keep the ultimate size in the 4-5" range and would like to go with one of the 
more exotic types. Any suggestions. Also, is there much/any plant damge from 
these guys? Ottos and Corys have been by only catfish type inhabitants so 
far. Is this a good/bad idea?

One beautiful type of plec I've seen is the Queen Ancistrus, with a number 
designation of L-260. I looked in the AquaLog book for plecs and couldn't 
find it. I haven't been able to determine what the adult size is on the Web 
either, but it is black with a beautiful thin white line pattern on it.

Thanks for any help.