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CO2 Injection

I got this one from my pufferfish mailing list and don't know the answer.  I
was wondering if somebody here would be able to advise on this.  Much

Hi there,

I've been trying a DIY CO2 injecting method with my plant-only tank for
about two months.

That's not the well-known yeast method, but just as a trial using the
aragonite and vinegar. I put a pinch of aragonite, vinegar (8% of acetic
acid) and water in a 350 millilitre bottle. The bottle has been
connected to a power head in the tank with air line tubings, and the gas
from the bottle is smashed up by the power head and gets dissolved in
water. The tank is 7 litre, planted and has no fish.

That's generating CO2 (I bevieve) for a few days or more, but I've not
been able to estimate how much aragonite or vinegar is needed for
generating CO2 during a certain period of time. I would monitor it
unless this method was totally useless.

Could you advise me on this trial?

I'm a bit worrying that the evaporated acetic acid will be dissolved
into tank water and affects pH or other water conditions. But also, I'm
supposing it would evaporate soon again and wouldn't affect
remarkablely... Am I right? Are there any possible risks if there were
puffers or other fish in the tank?

I've never heard of anyone who uses such a method even though this is
simpler than the yeast method, so I'm wondering if there would be any
drawbacks or not.

Thanks in advance,

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