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Re: ARO NO1 needle valves

greg wilson at gwilson12345 at yahoo_com wrote:

> Hi
> I searched the archives about the ARO NO1 valve and
> found several poeple who said it was a good valve to
> use and several others who said it wasn't. I am in
> need of a needle valve and don't want to shell out $30
> for one. I did see an ARO NO1 on ebay for $2. My
> question is: Is there a consensus on whether or not
> this is a good valve for CO2?
> Greg

I haven't tried it, but for $2 what have you got to lose? Apparently some
folks have been able to make use of it. Probably not the most stable or
consistent gas flow, and no doubt a hassle to adjust, but hey, you'll save

Dan Dixon