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Snail eating fish

>From: "J Amberkar" <amberkar at worldnet_att.net>
>Subject: Snail eating fish
>* Clown Loaches Very Social community oriented, they will eat all kinds of
>snails, including Trumpet snails. They can get 4" long. Minimum should be
>two in the tank.

I would say minimum 3 in a tank. They will eat any snail smaller than
they are. They will get MUCH bigger than 4" - more like 8-10", but it
takes a long time for them to get that big - about 1" per year.

>* Khuli Loaches Social,do not like daylight, they will hide, they will eat
>anything on the gravel

You will probably never see it - but they're interesting when they
come out in daylight. Good tank cleaners, but don't eat snails at
all, so far as I know.


Steve Rogers
@Outcome, Austin TX -- ICQ: 46340238 -- AIM: StevRocket