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Re: algae

> Tom Barr:
>> Cladophora, Nitella and Chara are the main
>> ones. Others by invasion mostly. Some folks
>> like some of the others. Personally like
>> Cladophora the most.
> Sources and/or links please? In the meantime I will search for myself
> also. 
> Kyle

Sources? Not many places sell algae:) Most are trying to sell snake oil to
get rid of it. I have collected all the stuff myself besides the Cladophora
which Claus of Tropica brought over on a visit to the USA. So Tropica is one
place... which doesn't help you much. You may find Nitella in your neck of
the woods in TN. You might need to wait till summer to find some. You may
find Chara as well being in TN there's some 700+ caves and lots of Karst
formations which is a good indicator for Chara. The stuff lives in hot
sulfur springs out here and in many creeks. Even seeps.
As far as info I have some FW antiquated algae books. I suppose you could
look up more on the web, other sites. These plants/stoneworts/algae are
often mistaken for Hornwort. Chara tend to be attached and do well in
streams. Nitella have been found more in acid lakes/ponds/ swamps. If you go
looking please keep an eye out for Hottonia inflata(water violet). I'll give
you all the algae you want if you can track that plant down for me. It's
native to TN and much of the eastern USA.
Tom Barr