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Re: Snail reaper

> I am planning to get  snail-eating fish for my community planted tank. I
> have Cardinal tetras, Albino Cory-cats, Otto's, pearl gouramis. The tank is
> new, the plants are growing,as usual I have algae problem and I am trying to
> control it.

> When I planted new plants, these plants introduced snails.
> I have searched this site for some information, following are my findings;
> * Clown Loaches Very Social community oriented, they will eat all kinds of
> snails, including Trumpet snails. They can get 4" long. Minimum should be
> two in the tank.
> *Botia Lohochata (Yo Yo) somewhat social. They will eat all kinds of snails.
> They can get 6" long, at that length they can be aggressive, should be at
> least two in the tank.
> * Botia Skunk or Skunk Loaches not Social, aggressive they will eat all kind
> of snails, can get to 6" long
> *Dwarf Loaches (Botia Sidthiminchi) They will eat all snails, grows about 2"
> long, social, minimum two per tank.
> * Khuli Loaches Social,do not like daylight, they will hide, they will eat
> anything on the gravel
> Thank you please provide your feedback.

Snails do a good job of algae control and are easy to take care of.
Having said that:
Next, do you want to completely remove the snails or just keep their numbers
Clown loach is good for keeping the numbers down. They get bigger than 4
inches(i've seen 12-14 inch loaches in SF) but depending on your feedings
they will take awhile to get large(4 inches). Most never make it beyond this
without good feedings so don't worry but they can get big(and you will
become more attached to them with age as well)
The dwarf loach is my pick of the litter here. Can be expensive. I'd get a
school of either of these loaches, perhaps 5 or more. Clown, dwarf and
another very nice fish is Botia striata which is a snail reaper. Very
peaceful and a nice schooling fish that's active during the day. Sometimes
sold under Queen botia or zebra loach. These stay small(about 3-3 1/2 inches
max) Botia Dario is another interesting fish but more secretive.
FW water Columbian puffers are a good snail eater but may become picky.
B. striata will rid you of all snails and stay nice to your other animals.
Good community loach. Yo-yo's are somewhat belligerent as are skunk's, red
fin and most of the others, tiger, lucas-bali etc. I have a large gold dojo
that will eat a snail every so often but doesn't eat enough to help out
much. Some catfish will eat snails as well.
Tom Barr