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RE:Snail eating fish

I can give you feedback on some of these loaches.

Clown loaches can get much larger than 4 inches, up to 12 in the wild but
usually smaller in the aquarium, 8-10" is not uncommon.  I would say the
minimum number should be 3 in a tank, as they need company of their own
kind.  I have only had one individual that was agressive, and that was only
toward flame dwarf gouramis.  Currently have 4 in a planted 40 gal.  They
are very active and fun to watch.
Yo-yo loaches;  I haven't heard of them getting as big as your source says.
I thought 4 inches was about the maximum.  I have 2 of these with my clowns
(used to have 3)and have never witnessed any aggressive behavior by them.
They are not as social as clown loaches, but I agree that at least 2 should
be kept.  They have a funny habit of "sleeping" on their side or back on the
plant leaves.  Very amusing.
I've never kept skunk or darf loaches.  I used to have some kuhlis, they
like to burrow into the substrate.  They get up to 4 inches I think, but are
so slim that they still seem pretty small at that size.

Brian Waters
Columbia MO

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Date: Tue, 16 Jan 2001 18:48:06 -0500
From: "J Amberkar" <amberkar at worldnet_att.net>
Subject: Snail eating fish

* Clown Loaches Very Social community oriented, they will eat all kinds of
snails, including Trumpet snails. They can get 4" long. Minimum should be
two in the tank.
*Botia Lohochata (Yo Yo) somewhat social. They will eat all kinds of snails.
They can get 6" long, at that length they can be aggressive, should be at
least two in the tank.
* Botia Skunk or Skunk Loaches not Social, aggressive they will eat all kind
of snails, can get to 6" long
*Dwarf Loaches (Botia Sidthiminchi) They will eat all snails, grows about 2"
long, social, minimum two per tank.
* Khuli Loaches Social,do not like daylight, they will hide, they will eat
anything on the gravel

Thank you please provide your feedback.