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Ballast interference and heat

From time to time people have reported problems with electronic ballasts

(it often seems to be IceCap) causing TV interference.  I think I
something interesting.

I have an IceCap ballast driving 4 110 watt VHO flourescents.  There is
a RadioShack 4 inch AC cooling fan in this hood.  Our TVs are on cable.
There is a fair amount of coax within 15 feet of the hood, but nothing
close to it.

Lately I have been noticing two things, (1) I am getting some
on the television (scrolling lines that move slowly upward) and (2) the
cooling fan is failing.

And the two seem to be related!  If I can coax the cooling fan to work
hood will cool down and the amount of television interference goes down
dramatically.  This may partially explain why some people have problems
with this ballast and some don't.

I'm replacing the fan, the ballast, and the lights this weekend.  I hope
new setup is better.