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Re: Snails

>my snail population has grown somewhat, and have just noticed that i am 
>3/4 of my utricularia.

>i have thought about it, and have decided not to pick all the snails out of
>the tank and throw them over a wall or something, or the bin.

Am a little late reading the digests, so apologies if this is a duplication by 
now - I am sure it is not the snails!  I have found that if snails are 
"eating" a plant, although it might *look* healthy, a closer examination will 
usually find it has no root system, or is otherwise failing.  So don't dump 
the poor snails for doing their job!

It may be that you have a variety of snails that does eat plants, but if 
you've had them for a while without problems, I don't think so.

Kind regards,

Susi Barber
in beautiful sunny Vancouver