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Re: Fan Wiring

Hi Justin,

You would need a simple power supply which had the correct output in volts
and also watts that your fan would require. The easiest way would be to
just buy one at Le Shack du Radio. Cheaper but not by much would be to
build one from parts. You would need a transformer which takes 120v AC and
steps in down to probably 12v AC, a rectifier which takes 12v AC and turns
it to 12v DC, and then some capacitors for filtering and smoothing. Toss in
a power cord, fuse, switch, and box and you are all set.... in other words
I would just buy one unless you enjoy soldering. You could problably get
one for less that 10$ which would work fine. Be sure that the wattage is
greater than the stated need of the fan.

(An inverter takes DC and steps it up or down to a different DC voltage. A
power supply takes AC and steps in up or down to DC.)




Date: Sat, 13 Jan 2001 14:10:53 -0700
From: "Mortimer Snerd" <mortimersnerd at uswest_net>
Subject: Re: Fan wiring


How exactly does a person run a DC fan from A/C power, anyway?  I'm guessing
through use of something like an inverter, but my understanding is that
these can be on the expensive side.

Justin Collins


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