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Re: Reflector Options

 Hi Rod,

One resource you make look to is the discussion on www.thekrib.com that
discusses reflector materials.  See it @

I can't recall if it's in that discussion or not, but quite a while back
someone did tests on the reflectivity of a good number of substances
including the most expensive, highly reflective ones out there.  Their
results yielded Compact Disks where the most reflective substance available.
I haven't found a way to make use of that fact, but let the list if you do.

Colin Anderson

Rod Wrote:
>   I'm going to convert one of my home-built hoods from VHO to T8 next
> weekend.The project must commence on Friday evening when I get home and
> continue until it is done. Hopefully sometime Saturday morning. This time
> frame cannot be changed.
>   I have all the materials I need for the lights and electrical stuff, but
> it just occurred to me that a better reflector might be nice too.
> I'm using white paint.
>   I need something, therefore, that I can have in hand by Friday evening,
> only 5 business days away. That seems to knock out any mail-order place
> require that I can buy it in town.
>   One option seems to be a mirror. I don't know anything about the cost,
> but they are available in various sizes from glass places. Another option
> would be mylar, but I don't know where to buy it. I tried Texas Art Supply
> here in Houston. They don't carry it.
>                                         Anybody have ideas?