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Re: potassium levels/water softener

    Thanks to everyone that took the trouble to help with my tenuous grasp
of chemistry. Since our new softened water heater outflow will be much too
high in potassium or sodium to use in my tanks, in order to do water changes
at the right temperature I'm going to have to heat unsoftened water in
barrels before adding it to my tanks :-(. This is my punishment for years of
self satisfied smugness about not having to deal with chlorine or chloromine
when doing water changes...

    Short of installing another water heater fed with hard well water for
use in my tanks, am I missing an obvious solution?  I've bypassed the
softener with the cold water supply to the fishroom, but the hot water is
treated.  What does everyone else with domestic water softeners do for water

Trying to choose between blue or white barrels...<g>

Ron Barter
Perth, Ontario