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re: Mag 5 Pump Noise...

Hi Chris,

When I got my setup it was used and had been a reef setup in it's previous
incarnation. It came with a Mag 5 pump which was run submerged in the sump.
It was too noisey for me so first I tried replacing the impeller but got no
joy. I eventually replaced it with a Quiet One pump which has lived up to
it's reputation. My guess is that while you are saving up your money
running it submerged will be the quietest. You might also sit it on some
filter material and play with the tension on the tubing to tweek for best
results... BTW. I have a 75 gallon which is probably the smallest tank I
would use the Quiet One on. It has a pretty good output...




Date: Sat, 13 Jan 2001 00:29:53 EST
From: Yodac76 at aol_com
Subject: mag drive pump in line or submersible?

I recently purchased a mag drive 5 pump for my wet dry filter.  I have since 
noticed that this pump is quiet noisy.  They say that this pump can be used 
in line or submersible so I was wondering is the pump quieter as a 
submersible or in line.  I know that there probably isn't any significant 
difference between the two but I am curious.  Or does anyone have any 
suggestions about how to quiet down this pump until i save enough cash for a 
better pump.



           Paul Mouritsen.....mourip @ erols.com

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