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Re: Surface film

Thanks for the replies to my post on the surface problem I WAS having....I came home from work yesterday and found the film had completely gone. The water surface is completely clear. Upon further examination, I noticed my Eheim surface extractor's input scoops had risen up to almost not being in the water and the surface water was flowing into it like mad. Apparently if the scoops are too far under water they suck more water from under the surface than on it. There was a lot of water flowing in but it apparently wasn't enough from the surface to remove the film. Now they ride almost out of the water and you can see it drawing water from all over the surface. It appears that when it is in the correct position most of the scoop is above the water line. With the scoops 2/3 of the way in the water the intake tubes leading from the scoops was completely filled with water, but not much surface extraction. By lifting the scoops out of the water and letting them back down they ride much higher and there is a small area of air in the neck of both scoops now. It is drawing water from the surface properly to the input holes. A very nice device I must say,  now that I've figured out the correct positioning. 
Bob Buettner
from NW CT
Go Giants!