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Re: All the Algae Talk, and Green Spot Algae

Hi there, 

I have been reading all the APD's that come, and most of it is still over my 
head, what with all the P's and K's and NO3's and such, but I will eventually 
figure it out.  I just am coming out of lurk long enough to ask about what I 
think is called Green Spot algae.  I never see it mentioned on here, and I 
was wondering if that is because: 
#1 It is not viewed as a big problem
#2 Nobody else gets it
#3 It is easier to deal with than other algaes
#4 ????
I have not really planted my tank fully yet (I am waiting for a filter to 
arrive), so I probably don't have enough plants competing with the algae, but 
the only type I seem to get is the green spot algae, oh and the brown slimy 
kind that oto's like. 
Someone enlighten me about this green spot algae. :o)