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backgrounds for corner tank

Sorry in advance for the length. I am setting up a 92 gallon corner tank.
It will be hi-tech (MH, CO2 canister injection, heater cables...) and
heavily planted.  I have always just used the standard plant picture
backgrounds, but since you are looking at the backs of this tank on an
angle, as opposed to straight on like in a standard tank, I think all you
will see is the glare of glass. (at least up until that first big algae-fest
ha, ha...) I know several folks have used other material on the inside like
cork.  I have an aversion to gluing anything to the tank and prefer
something more portable.

Here is my idea.  Get a big bale of cork, take several pieces of varying
sizes, silicone small squares of Plexiglas or acrylic to back of it and
attach suction cups (with cable ties/silicone) to squares.  I could put the
pieces where there are holes and you can see through to back of tank.
Obviously, I will have to make sure pieces fit together so seams aren't
readily visible.  By having several pieces, I could move them around and
position them as needed. They can also be used to hide equipment in tank.
From the middle to bottom, it would essentially have nothing and depend on
plants in gravel to hide.  I even considered punching holes on an angle into
the cork (where the angles would prevent seeing the holes from front of
tank). My rationale is that with the air space behind cork and the fact that
every inch of the back isn't covered, water would not be trapped to
stagnate.  Only areas that required cover would have it.  I would plant
something low-growing on the cork.  It would need to be dark to imply depth
and I prefer something small so it doesn't grow out and get all tangled up
in the background plants.  Java moss or something???

Does this seem like something that would work, prevent stagnant areas and
not look horrible?