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Re: Magnum 350 micron cartridge

I wrote:

> > ... I stuff the media chamber
> > (usually used for activated carbon) with polyester filter floss, and it
> > actually does a better mechanical filtering job than the micron filter.

Then, on Fri, 12 Jan 2001, David Bundy wrote:

> Roger - Any idea why this might be the case?  I've used Marineland's
> (Magnum) micron filters for a long time, and have had good results,
> so far.  Maybe your micron cartridge needs replacing?

I have three cartridges.  When I still used them I rotated the cartridges.
The cartridges work just fine when they're new, but I have two problems
with them.  The oldest cartridge just plain wore out through "weathering"
and repeated cleaning; now its pores are *way* bigger than they used to be
and it filters poorly at best.  The two newer cartridges both became
plugged by a flocculent that I used to help remove green water.  Repeated
cleaning and bleaching doesn't help; now even when filtering fairly clear
water I can only run them for a half-hour or so before they plug up to the
point that flow is almost completely shut off.

> I can't imagine how filter floss can do better at mechanical filtration
> than a micron cartridge, unless the floss is so packed full of detritus
> that it's got a little micron action going on, too.

A couple inches of well-packed filter floss removes some pretty fine
particles and has less tendency to plug with use.  Filter floss turned out
to be very effective at filtering green water.  Of course, results will

So all things considered I prefer filter floss over the micron cartridge.

> I prefilter my Magnum's input with a big sponge over the intake, and I
> also wrap the micron cartridge itself with a filter floss-like sleeve,
> so I can go longer between cleaning the Magnum.

Anything you can do to keep coarser particles off the micron filter is
sure to extend the life of the filter.

Roger Miller