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RE: Your m3 order status / e-invoice

Anyone had this experience? I could use the help. I removed the "nipple"
connector and the thread is much larger than the needle valve.


- Jeff

>From: "The Bodin's" <bodin1 at gte_net>
>To: <puffie at marine-monsters_com>
>Subject: RE: Your m3 order status / e-invoice
>Date: Tue, 9 Jan 2001 22:25:49 -0800
>The fitting that came with the needle valve does not fit the HP CO2 valve
>(Dave Gomber's set-up).
>Please advise!
>- Jeff
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>Subject: Your m3 order status / e-invoice
>Master Card
>SPNV Precision Needle Valve 1x $ 19.00

Hi Jeff,

Really?  We don't have Dave Gomberg's system with us.  And a couple of
APDers recommended equipping Dave's system with our valve to eliminate the
end-of-tank syndrome.  I wonder how can that be?  I suggest you to ask for
advice on the APD list since that we will not be back to the office on the
19th, and when worse comes to worse, feel free to return the valve to us.
Are you telling me that the brass adaptor cannot be screwed onto Dave's

One way or the other, please keep me posted.

Thank you and sorry about the problem.

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