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Re: Plant indentification

>>Yesterday, at my neighborhood Petco, I bought 3 small reddish potted
plants, about 6 inches high and the color of red cabbage.  The man who sold
them said they were "roseafolia," which I took to mean Alternanthera
reineckii "Roseafolia." But the Tropica description and illustration of that
plant indicate the leaves should be red underneath and green on top.  These
leaves are red on both top and bottom.  The stems, in bunches of about 10,
are red, too.  It also looks like there are some hairy roots coming out of
the stems about 2-1/2 inches up from the main roots. Under the fluorescent
lights, the whole plant is a brilliant fuschia.  I hope someone will tell me
what it is.<<

Well this is just a guess, but it could be Alternanthera sessilis, which is
an irradescent red and purple...often sold as red hygro. It's more of a bog
plant and much more difficult to grow for extended periods of time
underwater. This is the most commonly available Alternanthera second too
reineckii, there are several others, but reineckii  or reineckii var
rosaefollia is the most appropiate for the aquarium.

Robert Paul H