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Re: Re: Canister filter CO2 reactor

Roger Miller wrote
"I would hope that you're not depending on a Magnum 350 as a biological
filter.  If you aren't, then it shouldn't make a difference.  Low pH
(which might happen) can inhibit nitrifying bacteria.  CO2 isn't a
problem, and high O2 from photosynthesis should accelerate

But I am - using the 350 as my only external filter that is.  The carbon
chamber is filled with Turface MVP because it seemed to make sense at
the time and has the foam sleeve surrounding it.  Should I be adding
additional biological filtration?  The reason I put the turface in was
because I thought the 350 was needed primarily for water movement and
some filtration with the plants carrying the bulk of the load.  So I
didn't have any biological media ready other than the turface.  I am
keeping track of water flow at the outlet.

Thanks again,
Jay Reeves - in beatiful Minneapolis with record snowfall in Dec. & rain
today - go figure.