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Breeding otocinclus!

Back in October, Bob Dixon asked about breeding otocinclus.

I've had otos in my tank for years, and occasionally saw a 
egg-laden female, but never any evidence of eggs/fry.  (I
have plenty of things that will eat fry, so no surprise
there.)  But when I moved last June, I'm pretty sure I was
down to only two otos in the tank.

The other day, I spotted three otos at once.  Odd, but I
chalked it up to faulty memory.  But then, the next day,
I saw four.  Now, there might have been three all along,
but no way were there four.  So my success in breeding 
otocinclus now matches my success with black neons!  (I
had one of those survive to adulthood a few years back.)

Truly amazing when you consider that there have been at least
50 zebra danios in that 70-gallon tank, in addition to 
loaches, tetras, barbs, SAEs, and a white cloud or two, for
most of that time.  I figure the only possiblity is that
they were hiding and growing in a giant tangled mass of
java fern 'windelov'.  Another good reason to keep a well-
planted but not-so-well-pruned tank!

David Ozenne
Fremont, CA

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