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Dupla is back

Just wanted to let everyone know, Dupla is back in the States.  Got the
contact info from Dupla this week.
I talked to Cal today and he said they are bringing stuff in slowly but it
is coming.  Heating cables aren't there yet and I think they may already be
out of laterite.

For the heating cables, they are working to get transformers and controllers
here.  They will have all of it for folks who don't want to go looking for
it...  Probably within next 6 weeks.

Hawaiian Marine Import, Inc.
Mr. Cal Adger
1234 N Post Oak Rd., Suite 130
Houston, TX 77055-7234

Tel. 713/680-2227
Fax 713/680-2212
Order tel. 800/993-4346.

Daphne in Atlanta who can hear George squealing all the way from Colorado!