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Finding fish & plant stores

Hello Folks:
     Well, I made it to my new home in NY state, having spent the past 20
yrs in CA.  I would like to find some of the best places near my new home in
Wallkill NY.  If anyone would drop me such information I would appreciate
it.  Need some good suppliers for plants and fish.  I would also like to
hear of the on-line stores that you consider reputable and purchase your
fish from in this state.
     Some of you spoke of the Carbo-Plus CO2 system.  Is that stuff
available for less than the pricey sum of $360.00 ++.  If so, who has it.
     Some of you are speaking of using fans to cool light hoods.  Some of
the smallest fans I have ever seen were at Frye's electronics in the Palo
Alto store.  Wouldn't these be good choices for a light hood or do they need
some other rigging to step down the electrical power that runs the fan?  I
also beleive they are rather quiet and the smaller sizes would lend
themselves to better placement in a light hood.  The fans also can be
mounted on properly sized cooling fins using peel off stick-on tape that
comes with them.  I had to have one put on a processor chip in my ancient
     Thanks, Diana

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