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Re: Canister filter CO2 reactor

In a message dated 1/11/2001 01:11:35 Pacific Standard Time, 
Aquatic-Plants-Owner at actwin_com writes:

> I have been having problems with a
>  bacteria bloom also.  When I mentioned my CO2 / cannister filter reactor
>  to someone at the LFS he said he would be concerned about the CO2
>  inhibiting biological bacteria.

Many bacteria often do better WITH CO2.  Indeed, in the laboratory, some 
bacteria cannot be grown withOUT Co2.  I can't think of a single bacteria 
whose growth would be inhibited in the presence of elevated CO2.  The CO2 
does not displace oxygen in the tank.  There's plenty of oxygen to meet the 
bacteria's needs.  Indeed, some nitrate-converting bacteria cannot grow WITH 
oxygen, and can only grow in its absence.  

>  Like a cylinder dumping and stressing fish?  

Install a needle valve.

>  Also, will the
>  beneficial bacteria consume a white cloudiness in the water - assumed to
>  be a bacterial bloom?  

Without growing out the bacteria, it's impossible to tell you with certainty, 
but the white cloudiness may be the beneficial bacteria themselves, growing 
and attempting to establish a foothold.  Be patient.  It will clear.

>  Seem to also have green algae in the water.
>  Visibilty is extremely poor! However, the plants are growing like crazy.
>  I would like to get this cleared up soon because plants need pruning and
>  I can't see enough to do it.

Sounds like classic new tank syndrome.  Resist the temptation to start 
dumping chemicals in your tank.  Not every problem requires aggressive 
intervention.  Your tank is about 5 weeks old.  If you sit back and do 
nothing, the water will clear by itself.  It may take a day or it may take a 
month, but if you don't upset the chemistry by pouring in chemicals of 
specious value, it will clear.  Feed sparingly, keep the filter cartridge 
clean, and it should clear all by itself.  By the way, this happens to 
everyone.  New tanks need time to become established and to settle down.