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Re: surface film- need suggestions

> I keep wanting to try the Eheim skimmer, but hear mixed reviews.  Like
> you, not interested in building one myself.  Business opportunity, anyone?
> Not a perfect solution, but it works for me.  Good luck.

I have used the Eheim skimmer for 6 months. It has worked flawlessly for me.

A couple of things I have learned about it:

1- You have to adjust its height relative to water level carefully. Then you
have to top off the water regularly to compensate for evaporation. There is
only a small "window" of angle (about 45 deg) and water level that works.
You should see the surface film flowing into the intake arms.

2- With planted tanks it is easy to get plant debris caught up inside the
intake arm. This is easy to clean out since the arms are flexible enough to
be removed from the main tube.
Augustine Rodriguez
Rice Lake, WI USA