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Cannister filter CO2 reactor

I have been using a Magnum 350 cannister filter as a reactor with the
CO2 bubbling into the intake tube.  I have been having problems with a
bacteria bloom also.  When I mentioned my CO2 / cannister filter reactor
to someone at the LFS he said he would be concerned about the CO2
inhibiting biological bacteria.  Like a cylinder dumping and stressing
fish?  Can someone tell me if this could be a problem?  Also, will the
beneficial bacteria consume a white cloudiness in the water - assumed to
be a bacterial bloom?  Seem to also have green algae in the water.
Visibilty is extremely poor! However, the plants are growing like crazy.
I would like to get this cleared up soon because plants need pruning and
I can't see enough to do it.  LFS guy tested a product he thought was
potassium permangenate (sp.?) .  This did congeal the cloudiness in a
sample of water, however, he was reluctant to sell it until I have
exhausted all other possibilities because it would be hard on the
plants.  75 gallon was set up 12/1/00 - Mollies & Ottos only - no

A while back someone, Tom Barr I think, made a comment about learning
new things all the time in this hobby, especially about plants.  I had
been thinking earlier the day that post appeared that perhaps what I am
going to learn is - what kind of person am I?  Do I have the patience
and the perseverance?  :-)

Thanks for any help!
Jay Reeves