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Re: surface film- need suggestions

>  I have been plagued with a film that forms on the surface of my 55 gal. 
> for some time now. I have searched the archives and found links to the Krib 
> and a DYI surface skimmer but don't have the time or resources to construct 
> such a project.
 My plants are growing great, fish doing very well...just this annoying 
surface film. Any help out there? 
>  Thanks,
>  Bob Buettner

    I have the same problem in my show tank.  This tank has no surface 
agitation, high light, CO2, heavily planted.  What works for me is running an 
airstone from lights out to 7:00 AM.  I could put it on a timer, but don't 
because I move the light hood off to the side of the tank first.  This keeps 
deposits from building up on the bulbs when the bubble splash evaporates.
    I have heard that this scum is caused by a high fish load/ heavy feeding, 
but that is not true in my case.  Lots of plants and few enough fish that I 
have to add NO3 and PO4.  This scum is severe (if I forget to aerate one 
night, the next night I can skim it with a regular net, not a bbs net), and 
has existed for almost the life of the tank ( 14 months).
    I figure the airstone has the added advantage of protecting my tank from 
CO2 system failure at night.  
    I keep wanting to try the Eheim skimmer, but hear mixed reviews.  Like 
you, not interested in building one myself.  Business opportunity, anyone?  
    Not a perfect solution, but it works for me.  Good luck.
    Pierre Gagne
    Kensington, MD