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Re: CF bulbs

I have this same light (110W, 9325K) on my 38 gallon tank.  I bought it 
because I found a good deal on it, too.  I have found it to be perfectly 
fine, both for growing plants and tank aesthetics.  When the bulbs need 
replacing, I plan on getting a lower Kelvin bulb.  No sense spending the 
money now.  The tank has been running for less than 3 months.  As I went 
through assorted algae outbreaks, I initially had some worries about the 
high Kelvin light growing more algae than normal (there were some posting 
about this in the archive).  I have finally cleared up my algae problems, 
so I no longer think the color of the light had anything to do with 
it.  Just took perseverance with manual removal, lots of water changes, and 
finally 3 wonderful SAEs finished it off.  This is my first planted 
tank.  I have noticed that some plants grow long and leggy.  I don't have 
enough experience to know if this is normal, or related to the light color.


>A LFS gave me a good deal on a 110W high output CF in
>exchange for plants & some cash. The problem is the lamps are 9325 K.
>Should I use as is or maybe change 1 lamp to a 5500K? Or should I change
>both? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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