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Re: twisty flourescent bulbs

 "Scott D. Goett" writes:
>  I have 2 questions.  One is about those twisty fluorescent bulbs that
>  are said to have the brightness of a 75 watt buld but only use 20
>  watts.  My question is when you are calculation the watts per gallon,
>  which number do you use?  Are those bad bulbs to use?

  Here's my .02 FWIW,
I have been using some similar bulbs, although not the "twisty" ones. I got 
these at WalMart, they are GE brand, screw-in type CF. I have had two over a 
5.5 gal with DIY co2 for about 6 months with great results. I don't think 
that they are really bright enough to use over any larger tank, maybe a 
10gal, if you use about 4 bulbs. As I have no practical experience with 
driftwood, I will leave your other question for someone else. Hope this helps 
a little.
Tim Armstrong