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m3's needle valves (recent shipments + negative comment)

Jim Wilson wrote,

A couple of weeks ago I took advantage of M3's APD sale and ordered
two of
there $19 needle valves.  They arrived about a week later <SNIP>
My criticism of M3 is that they placed the blame elsewhere for a
they shipped out.  And that they placed the responsibility of fixing
(literally) the problem with there customers.

I reply

Mail order is not all it is cracked up to be at times, I have had my
share of problems on both sides of the fence.
It isnt a perfect world and everyone needs a vacation now and again.
You need to leave a message on their answering machine stating your
unhappiness with the problem on m3's answering machine. (I am willing
to bet that you arent the only one) You need to state your unhappiness
with their product and their service and what you feel needs to be
done. In this case, a new set of valve with the hose barbs already
attached asap. On the 19th you need to call again and speak with the
owner or manager and be as positive as you can, I am sure that they
will take care of you. Their reputation depends on it, but it is up to
you to keep at it to get a satisfactory resolution.
I would also hope that you would post here the resolution of your

Good Luck,

Keith and Lisa                          o
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