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Re: Staghorn Algae? PLEASE any suggestions?

I've had my 300 litre (80G) tank set up for about 4 months and have just
encountered my first real problem; staghorn algae is making its presence
In the tank I have
2    Rams
10 Cardinals
8    Pencils (beckfordi)
3   Cories
2   Gouramies
2   Angels
3   Botia Striata
2   Botia Modesta
3   Apisto Cacatoos
I'm aware that this is quite highly populated but I've inherited various
fish and had to take opportunities to acquire fish when they've become
available (availability of anything unusual, especially dwarf Cichlids,
is a big problem here). They will be thinned out when my 500 litre,
outside tank comes on line later this month.
Unfortunately I only have Halogen lights on the tank at the moment (to
be replaced by 300/350W of MH next month), 450 Watts of them.
I have good (for me) plant growth, but the algae is unsightly.
The only test kits available are Sera and JBL and I don't want to waste
money on kits that aren't necessary/ineffective.
GH is at 9, KH at 10, both are gradually being reduced. pH is at 7.8.
I'm adding bottled CO2 but, because I'm not getting enough light, I'm
having to oxygenate the water, thus the CO2 is outgasing, thus I can't
reduce the pH any further.
What do you think is causing the algae?
How can I deal with it?
Will the MH lights help?
Will reducing the GH/KH help or hinder me?