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Algae Wars

>Snails and shrimps do great as well.

I have a small tank (6 gallon) with what what I'd call staghorn algae from
the look of it (SAE's ate it in my 20  gallon) and since the tank and its
occupants are all small, I went through the archives thinking shrimp might
help the problem, but it seemed to me that no one thought much of shrimp as
algae eaters and there was at least one report of a shrimp killing a small

Are there shrimp that are safe around small fish such as neons and pygmy
corys and that are good enough at eating the tough algaes to be worthwhile?
 Can they be mail ordered, since the LFS around here don't seem to have
anything but ghost shrimp (the ones the archives seem to indicate are

Same questions about snails I guess.  Thanks.

Ellen O'Connell
mailto:oconnell_wadeash at ix_netcom.com