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Vallisneria cross?

I have a 55 gallon tank that has been going for a while.  It has, among
of other things,  Italian Val, Corkscrew Val, and Jungle Val.

I'm from the "weed-choked pond" school of aquascape design.  Yesterday
while pruning I spotted a Jungle Val leaf and pulled.  It is my policy
pull any Jungle Val leaf that makes it to the top (that way I don't have
prune it tomorrow too).

Instead of popping off at the base as they usually do this leaf pulled
out the
entire plant with it, but the plant wasn't Jungle Val!  At least, I
don't think
it was.  It was about 12 inches tall (the max it could be, considering
pruning technique and the depth of the 55), the leaves were not quite as

wide as Jungle Val, but wider than Italian or CorkScrew.  But strangest
of all, the sides of the leaves were crenellated along the edges, kind
of like
the leaves of Crinum Natans.

I didn't plant anything like this, and I can't find a description of
like this.  Do you think it is a cross between Jungle Val and Corkscrew