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Hot lights

I have built three wooden light hoods during my short career.  The first

was for a 120 gallon tank.  It uses an IceCap VHO ballest which is very
cool, but the 4 110 watt flourescent bulbs are not so cool, and I found
had to retrofit the hood with an exhaust fan to keep the temperatures
78 degrees.

The second was for a 55 gallon tank.  The 6 t-8s are each cool to the
and the ballests are also cool.  However, the overall effect raised the
temperature of the water above 80 degrees, and I had to install an

The third was for a 10 gallon tank.  I used AH Supply's 2x36 bright kit
with the 17.5 inch reflector.  Very nice kit.  Good bunch of people to
work with too.  The lights raised the temperature of the tank into the
stratosphere.  My liquid crystal thermometer didn't go that high, but I
estimate it was body temperature or above.  I need to install an exhaust


Exhaust fans are noisy.  My impression is that everybody else is not
having to do this.  Please let me in on the secret.