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Surface film- need suggestions

I have been plagued with a film that forms on the surface of my 55 gal. tank for some time now. I have searched the archives and found links to the Krib and a DYI surface skimmer but don't have the time or resources to construct such a project. I have installed an Eheim surface extractor and it helps a bit but cannot keep up with the film. The film appears 8 to 10 hours after my water changes ( the film breaks up during the change due to my plant pruning and other disturbances during the water change process). After 2 or 3 days the film takes on the appearance of a green colored dust ( looks like pollen) on the water surface, not an oily appearance but small spots all over the water surface. I could have sworn that I read a message from someone about an additive ( I'm not one to add unnecessary chemicals to my tanks!)  that can be added to the tank water to help this situation but cannot find the message. My plants are growing great, fish doing very well...just this annoying surface film. Any help out there? 
Bob Buettner
from snowy NW CT