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29 Gallon tank 4 sale in Seattle

I am selling a slightly used 29-gallon glass tank,
with a black cast iron stand. The tank is currently
all set up and has an Ebo-Jager 100 Watt heater and 
and 60 total Watts of lighting in two hoods (1 single
and 1 double x 20W)and a peguin power head filter with
sponge included.

The asking price includes a mostly flourite substrate
and some decent lives plants 
(bacopa, micranthenum) and fish (a school of 10+ rummy
nosed tetra, 1 SAE, 6+ scarlet copeinas, etc.)
I will break the tank down and help you load it but it
cannot be shipped. I live in the North Seattle
area and you would need to pick it up here. Cash only
please. I am asking $140 US (obo). Write me at
bah7303 at yahoo_com if you have any ???'s

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