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Re:Answer regarding Carbo-Plus

John Guild wrote:

Subject: Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #768


i am not sur ei quite understand, and as i am new to this hobby, i hope
could explai a bit to me.

there is the pH KH table that tells you how much C02 is in solution.
now, the 
more CO2 you add, the lower the pH should go, yes? so if i run my
at ten bars then the pH should go down (b/c the CO2 forms carbonic acid
solution, yes?) and if i run it at 1 bar, then the pH should go up,
so, i should run the carbo-plus so that, based upo my KH readings (which
i am 
not too confident of, i have a tetra test kit - is that good enough or
you recommend one?)my pH stays around 6.8? and that will be enough CO2
mater what? what should be my target CO2 levels and KH levels?

all this predicated upon accurate test readigs, which i am not yet


John, you have hit the target if your pH is staying at 6.8. The "Plus"
in "Carbo-Plus" is the ability to remove too much calcium which you will
see building up on the unit.  If there is not enough calcium, you won't
see the build-up. If your pH stays at 6.8, you are in "good shape"!


Merrill Cohen
Pikesville, Maryland