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Re: pH/KH/CO2

> there is the pH KH table that tells you how much C02 is in solution. now, 
>  more CO2 you add, the lower the pH should go, yes?


> so if i run my carbo-plus 
>  at ten bars then the pH should go down (b/c the CO2 forms carbonic acid in 
>  solution, yes?) and if i run it at 1 bar, then the pH should go up, 


>  so, i should run the carbo-plus so that, based upo my KH readings (which i 
> am not too confident of, i have a tetra test kit - is that good enough or 
>  you recommend one?)

The Tetra KH test kit is very good.  My favorite is the Aquarium 
Pharmaceuticals KH test kit.  Either should suffice.

> my pH stays around 6.8? and that will be enough CO2 no 
>  mater what? 

Dunno.  What is your KH?  Remember, the CO2 level will vary with both CO2 and 
KH.  The KH is variable over time due to the weak Carbonic Acid and other 
acids in the water.  Regular water changes minimize this change, of course.

> what should be my target CO2 levels and KH levels?

CO2 somewhere between 10 and 20 mg/L should be fine.  KH should ideally be 
around 4 or so.

>  all this predicated upon accurate test readigs, which i am not yet 
>  about.

KH readings can be determined with enough reasonable degree of accuracy.  
Since color pH charts can be misinterpreted, and since color blindness is not 
rare in men, pH readings would be a little more accurate with a digital pH 
pen.  Sera and Coralife make affordable pH pens.  Once you own one, you'll 
wonder how you ever got along without one.