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Nuking BGA

  After several people urged me to use tap water I thought about it 
and decided it was in my best interest to try tapwater and forget 
the RO water. I feel now that the RO might not be needed and 
could be my problem because of the chemicals I was adding to 
  If Dr. Morin is still on the list I have a question about his aquatic 
plant line. I wonder if he could tell us what exactly the 
compositions are. Personally I have decided to dump the line and 
try the natural approach. I also wanted to know other people's 
experience with the Seachem line.
   I've decided to do more research and try to find out what, if 
anything, would have to be added to my tap water besides a 
chlorine nuetralizer(I presently use amquel). I decided to use RO 
water for replacement of evaporated water only. 
   BTW my tap is as follows: phosphates-.5(lamotte), alkalinity-
3.92(lamotte), PH-7.12(ph controller),GH-6(red sea kit).
   Thanks again for the responses.I think it may have changed my 
whole outlook on this hobby.