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Copper and CO2

Ok, I need a chemist...

I was treating a 75 gallon tank with copper for a
fungus problem (I know copper has a lot of other
problems associated with it, but it was all I had at
the time). Anyway, I started to get a lot of fish
loss, so I did a whole bunch of water changes, but
kept losing fish. My plants and snails are all doing
fine. Anyway, I noticed I was getting a lot of fungus
growing on the CO2 tube in my bubble counter. I
figured that since the water in it never really got to
the tank, I might as well put a few drops of copper in
there to clear up the fungus. My CO2 runs from the
bubble counter directly to the outflow pipe of my
wet/dry filter, through the pump, and back to the
tank. I usually can only see a few very tiny bubbles
that make it into the tank, the rest dissolves. So
when I put the copper in the bubble counter, I
immediately started getting lots of huge bubbles
getting through to the tank. I thought I must have
bumped the valve or something, but it was still going
at the normal rate (about 3 bubbles per second). So I
cleaned out the bubble counter and put in fresh water
and the bubbles disappeared again. My question is
this: What is going on in this copper/CO2 reaction and
could this be what was killing my fish (as opposed to
just the copper alone or the original fungus)?

Craig Welch

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